Hi all. I am


> Software Engineer

// Find my profile on GitHub.

constexpr std::string_view githubLink = "https://github.com/walkccc";

About Me


Hi, I'm Peng-Yu Chen, originally from the beautiful island of Penghu in Taiwan.
Currently working as a Software Engineer in NYC, I enjoy creating real-life applications that bring tangible benefits to people.
Fascinated by remarkable software practices and engineering excellence, my belief in following good coding conventions remains unwavering.

Fun Facts

Wendy's Chicken is my first meal in the US.
C is the first programming language I learned.
I know a little Japanese.
I watch animes.
My cat is named "Lola".


Coding, Traveling, Workout, Swimming, Walking, Foodie, Reading, Dry weather, Snow.
Work Experience

Software Engineer

June 2022 - Present
New York, NY
  • Design, build, and run a data serving platform that empowers all of Alphabet's speech and audio ML research

Software Engineer

March 2022 - June 2022
New York, NY
  • Built messaging infrastructure for a single and consistent logic in C++ to bridge iOS and Android with backend
  • Sped up the messaging experience in fetching feed and syncing feed by parallelization for 20% through A/B study
  • Implemented GoogleTest to cover 99% of the business logic in both unit testing and integration testing

Software Engineer Intern

May 2021 - August 2021
New York, NY
  • Established GraphQL APIs by Hack and created Python scripts that call the APIs to onboard Jest tests, allowing iOS and Android developers to have a uniform script to onboard newly written Jest tests
  • Recommended trial numbers to lower the standard deviation of metric values by over 25% for three Jest tests
  • Tinkered new formula for reasonable trial numbers with senior engineers and reported the process in daily standup